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Have a theory on who stole the Gardner art? Tell us here

Was it Richard Abath in the Blue Room with the knife? We don’t know, you tell us.

There are multiple ways you can share the theories you’ve been formulating about the Gardner Museum art heist. We might even use some of them online or on the radio.

*Call us and tell us your ideas: (617) 929-7999

* E-mail:

* Have something really secret? Our public PGP key is available on the Ubuntu keyserver. The fingerprint is: BD8E BE22 8F75 7464 59B5 1224 79B9 111E C0F1 5818

* You can also send snail mail. Our address is


The Boston Globe, 1 Exchange Place, Suite 201, Boston, MA 02109-2132

* Want to discuss with others? Join the Facebook Group to toss around information and theories.