Enjoy your Friday at Boston’s HUBweek festival. It’s the fifth day of events that explore topics such as technology, music, health, and much more. Here are a few worth checking out:

“HUBweek Forum: The Future of Cities • Energy • Mobility (Morning Session),” 9 a.m., The Hub, 1 City Hall Square (Center Stage):

Explore how technological advances affect ‘our daily lives on a micro and macro scale with speakers from Google, the Broad Institute, MIT, Harvard, and iRobot. Listen in as experts question and reveal what steps we can take today in climate resilience, mobility, public policy, and more to create a world worth living in as we face increasing digitization. Registration required at HUBweek.org.


“Depression, Heart Health, and Your Brain: Women at Risk,” 11 a.m., The Hub, 1 City Hall Square (Ideas Dome):

Jill Goldstein, founder and executive director of the Women, Heart, and Brain Global Initiative at Massachusetts General Hospital, will discuss why women face twice the risk as men of co-occurring major depression and heart disease. Goldstein explains the work that MGH and the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health are doing to develop therapeutics and policy initiatives to tackle this public health challenge. Free or paid pass, registration required at HUBweek.org.

“Boston Symphony Orchestra — (Immersive 360° Film Screening),” noon, The Hub, 1 City Hall Square (Immersive Dome):

Enjoy a 30-minute immersion into the life of a musician with the Boston Pops as you experience what it’s like to sit on stage at Symphony Hall. Each video will be virtually hosted by Keith Lockhart and viewers can watch as he conducts “Stars and Stripes” and “Overture to Candide” at Tanglewood, as well as John Williams conducting “Star Wars.” Free or paid pass, registration required at HUBweek.org.


Katie Camero can be reached at katie.camero@globe.com.