Lunenburg students told to shelter in place while bear roamed school grounds

Lunenburg police warned the public on Twitter on Friday morning after a black bear was seen roaming the area around the Lunenburg Middle-High School.

“Please exercise caution in that area until the Bear is relocated,” Lunenburg police said in a tweet around 9:30 a.m.

Officials at the school, which is on Massachusetts Avenue, were notified of the bear’s presence, and students were asked to shelter in place so that no one would leave the building as Lunenburg police worked to get the bear to move, police said.

“When an [Environmental Police] officer arrived on scene at 9:32 a.m., Lunenburg Police had already hazed the bear into the woods,” said Katie Gronendyke, spokeswoman for the state’s Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs.


When confronted with a potentially dangerous animal — like a bear — officials often try to “haze,” or shoo, the animal in a particular direction by making noise or moving toward it, said Marion Larson, spokeswoman for MassWildlife.

“Good for the Lunenburg PD for taking that initiative!,” she said in an e-mail.

Lunenburg police had tried to keep the bear in a set location until Environmental Police arrived, but by the time they did, the bear had wandered into the woods by itself, police said.

Environmental Police stayed in the area for another hour to make sure the bear did not return, Gronendyke said.

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