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Curtatone tweets mail-bomb suspect’s van ‘looks like the inside of Geoff Diehl’s head’

Joseph Curtatone. Craig F. Walker/Globe staff

Somerville Mayor Joseph Curtatone on Friday tweeted that the bumper-sticker-laden van of the nationwide mail-bomb suspect “looks like the inside of Geoff Diehl’s head,” triggering the Republican Senate candidate to demand Democratic incumbent Elizabeth Warren condemn the comment.

“This ugly statement in regard to the sobering incidents of this week shows a lack of leadership, a lack of decorum, and a fundamental lack of judgement. It’s appalling,” Diehl said in a statement several hours after Curtatone posted his tweet. He said Warren should “condemn her colleague and supporter’s comments.”

Diehl has attacked Warren for her own rhetoric, charging in a recent debate that the Cambridge Democrat is a key contributor to the “poisonous” political atmosphere that’s taken hold of Washington.


Diehl, who cochaired Trump’s campaign in Massachusetts, has aligned himself with Trump on virtually all policy matters. When asked about Trump’s statements, Diehl has offered only the mildest rebuke, saying in his latest debate with Warren that he doesn’t “follow the same path as the president” in how he deals with people.

Curtatone did not immediately respond to a request for comment but replied to a reporter on Twitter, doubling down on his original statement.

“If you read that van, Diehl’s said versions of most of it. He brags about being full MAGA,” Curtatone said, which stands for Make America Great Again, Trump’s signature slogan from 2016. “We’re all against mail bombing, but he’s in lockstep with the #vanifesto. Now he’s clutching his pearls & playing victim.”

Warren did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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