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State Police use helicopter to find missing hunter in Duxbury

State Police used one of its Airwing helicopters on Saturday night to help local police find and rescue a missing hunter in Duxbury, police said.

The hunter was rescued from knee-deep water in a thick marsh in the Duxbury woods around midnight, after a search crew spent about two hours trying to reach him, State Police said in a statement Monday.

Two tactical flight officers and the helicopter’s pilot were able to find the man using the Airwing’s Forward-Looking Infrared technology, police said. From the air, they guided a search crew on the ground that included State Police troopers, Duxbury firefighters, and officers from Duxbury police and Massachusetts Environmental Police.


“It took about two hours for the man to be rescued and the helicopter remained overhead to provide direction and lighting for operation,” police said. “Great find by the Airwing and great cooperative effort by all!”

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