A student at Brighton High School was arrested for stabbing another student with a pencil Tuesday, Boston Public Schools said.

The two students were involved in a fight in the school’s hallway when the stabbing happened at about 9:30 a.m., school officials said in an automated call to the school community.

A transcipt of the call was provided to the Globe by the school department. Neither student was identified.

The injured student was taken to a nearby hospital, and their condition was not released.

The other student was arrested by Boston police, the school department said. Students stayed in their classrooms while the school went into “safe mode” for about 90 minutes while police investigated the incident.


“No other students were involved in this incident or injured,” the school department said in the automated call.

The school department assured parents that it does not tolerate violence of any kind.

“The students involved in today’s incident will be subject to the BPS Code of Conduct and will receive appropriate interventions,” the school department said.

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