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Mother who escaped domestic violence now seeks joyous Christmas for her children

Most often, escaping a dangerous situation means leaving a lot behind. Familiar surroundings, family ties, trusted friends, and even the roof over your head.

But it can be the only path to a new life as a stable family.

Such was the case for the mother of two boys who was forced to flee an abusive relationship last year and now lives in a shelter for victims of domestic violence.

She wants her sons to be remembered during the holiday season, but she knows that without help, there won’t be any presents for them to open on Christmas Day.

“Life hasn’t been so easy for my strong, resilient, kind, smart and LOVING boys,” the mother wrote in a letter to Globe Santa. “I’m finalizing a divorce and leaving an abusive relationship cycle behind through therapy and support.”


The young woman, whose sons are 9 and 5 years old, penned her letter because she doesn’t want her boys to miss out on a visit from Santa Claus. After all the upheaval in their young lives, they are more than deserving, she wrote. “My children are so well behaved and mannerly,” their mother said in her letter. “They deserve the best.”

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These two boys will join tens of thousands of other children throughout Eastern Massachusetts who receive presents from Globe Santa at Christmastime. Since 1956, the Globe Santa Fund Drive, a program of the Boston Globe Foundation, has delivered gifts to families in need that celebrate Christmas in the Santa Claus tradition.

Last year, 34,325 children in 19,182 families received a visit from Globe Santa, brightening what might have been another disappointing day.

But the fund drive would not survive it not for the generosity of Globe Santa’s friends, many of whom make giving to the campaign part of their holiday tradition.


More than half of the donations to Globe Santa are for $100 or less, so no contribution is too small, and every dollar helps light up a child’s face on Christmas morning. Please consider brightening a child’s holiday this year by donating to the fund by mail, telephone, or at

Donor listings will soon start to appear in the newspaper and on line and continue until all the listings are run.

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