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Parents tell Globe Santa of the strength of their children in difficult times

When families face financial trouble, illness, or other challenges, often it is the unselfishness and resilience of their children that keep parents going.

Take the 10-year-old girl from Newton. Her mother is a disabled single parent, and her 3-year-old brother has autism.

“She has taught herself American Sign Language to help him communicate better,” the mother said in her letter to Globe Santa, seeking Christmas help.

“They are both very special kids, and any help will be so appreciated to give them a great Christmas. We live on a very fixed income, so there is not always a lot left over. She never asks me for anything, so again any help is so appreciated.”


Then there are the two young girls from Malden whose mother recounts in her letter to Globe Santa how wonderful they have been in dealing with her illness and other troubles in the past year.

“It’s been a tough year for my girls,” said the mother. “Last year right before Christmas I was diagnosed with breast cancer. So this year has been filled with surgeries and chemo and other treatments.

“They have been so great and helpful and positive.

“Also we recently had a close family member pass away, and they took it hard but are healing and pushing forward. They deserve so much more than I can give them and this program helps to do that. Thank you.”

And finally, meet the 9-year-old girl from Brockton who took it upon herself to write her own letter to Globe Santa.

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She spoke of how her older sister died of cancer three years ago and how the family suffered through a house fire six months later.

And she talked about herself.

“I love school,” she said. “I always help my Mommy with housework, and when she is sick I take care of her.”


“I am a good girl,” she told Globe Santa.

Globe Santa has put her and the others on his list. They will be getting gifts under the tree this Christmas, like tens of thousands of other Boston-area children who will benefit from the program, which is run by the Boston Globe Foundation and is now in its 63rd year.

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