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Family farm in Hollis, N.H., endured extortion, property damage, and animal cruelty

Property damage at the farm in connection with the extortion attempt. FBI

The FBI is seeking the public’s help in finding out who terrorized a family farm in Hollis, N.H., by means of extortion, vandalism, and acts of animal cruelty.

In a statement, the bureau said Rickety Ranch in Hollis received multiple “extortion letters” demanding $250,000 beginning last year. The sender offered to spare the family from harm and help settle their ongoing disputes with the town in exchange for the cash, the statement said.

And, their ordeal got worse.

In addition to letters, the tormentors wrecked vehicles on the property as well as a barn, causing thousands of dollars in damage, the FBI said. Animals, including two dogs, also were targeted with acts of cruelty.


The feds are offering a reward of up to $10,000 to anyone with information leading to the identification and arrest of the suspect or suspects. Tipsters can call the FBI Boston Division at 857-386-2000, or drop a dime online at

The victims of animal cruelty related to the extortion. FBI

“The vicious shakedown of this family and the use of violence to intimidate them will not be tolerated,” said Harold H. Shaw, special agent in charge of the FBI Boston division, which covers New Hampshire. “We’re asking anyone with information about who is terrorizing them to come forward and share that information with us so we can put a stop to it, and bring whoever is responsible to justice.”

The FBI also released a copy of one of the threatening letters the family received, written in crude verse replete with grammatical errors.

“Act 2,” the note said. “I saw your flag on your lawn/And time almost gone/I know your in/Just pay me know and you will win/It will be simple and fast/I left instructions under glass/On your grass/From here o keep 50K cash on your ass.”


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