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Families dealing with their children’s medical problems and special needs face tight budgets, stress, and packed schedules that can make enjoying the Christmas season difficult.

Such parents can feel especially sad and helpless at a time of the year when joy is in the air.

A single mother from Woburn told Globe Santa in her letter that she is unable to work because of her own ill health. Her 8-year-old daughter suffers from a rare genetic condition that affects the development of her limbs, head, and face and involves lifelong bone and joint issues.

“She has many secondary conditions as well and has undergone multiple surgeries, diagnostic testing, and diagnoses. Boston Children’s Hospital is a second home for us. The team of more than 10 specialists, nurses, and therapists have become family,” she said.


“I would like to give my daughter the Christmas she absolutely deserves after everything she’s gone through” said the woman, who wants her daughter “to enjoy being just a kid.”

At the same time, a woman living in a suburb west of Boston said she has four children “with many different medical issues.

“These medical problems have made it impossible for me to get a job and keep it because they require numerous doctors’ visits, therapy visits, and hospital stays,” she told Globe Santa.

“Since I can’t get a job, our finances are always tight. Knowing that this program is so generous to help families like mine helps to not have so much stress trying to figure out how to make ends meet and provide a special holiday for my children,” she wrote.

And the mother of an 11-year-old autistic child from Dracut talked about having to make hard choices.

“This year has been especially tough for our family because now we have to choose whether we would buy a toy to assist us with his extensive special needs or cover the cost of food,” she said. “The thought of having to choose between Christmas and basic needs is terrifying to me as a single parent with my own special needs.


“As parents we always want the best for our children. Unfortunately life does not always work out. But hopefully you can remember to bring along some magic when you drop in on the night before Christmas for my son.

“The wonder in his eyes reminds me that there is still purity in the world.”

All three families will share in Globe Santa magic this Christmas, along with tens of thousands of others throughout greater Boston.

Please consider giving by mail or telephone or online at globesanta.org to keep the magic going.

Tom Coakley can be reached at thomas.coakley@globe.com.