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It’s a boy! Cambridge first responders deliver baby in woman’s home

Cambridge police officers and firefighters sprung into action early Tuesday morning to help a city woman delivery a healthy baby boy in her home.

Dispatcher Tom Corazzini answered a call for an imminent birth from the woman’s husband shortly after 2 a.m. He guided the couple through the early stages of the delivery until police officers and medics from the fire department arrived at the home on Bellis Circle.

“He was a good caller. He was really calm,” Corazzini said. “This baby was just about to come out when I answered the call.”

The first responders arrived ready to help the 34-year-old woman, and it wasn’t Corazzini’s first rodeo with a baby delivery, either. Corazzini’s son, Charles, was born Nov. 10. Corazzini had only been back at work for a few days when the call came in Tuesday, he said.


“I was thinking, ‘It’s pretty much inevitable now that I’m going to get a call for a woman giving birth,’” Corazzini said, and that’s exactly what happened.

The woman and her new son were taken to Cambridge Hospital after the delivery. Jeremy Warnick, Cambridge police spokesman, said the family appeared to be doing well and that there did not appear to be any complications.

The last time Cambridge first responders delivered a baby was New Year’s Day, Warnick said.

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