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Families facing health problems are in need of help

Mounting medical problems have frayed emotions and finances for many families seeking help from Globe Santa, families who are in heart-wrenching situations that are only heightened at Christmas time.

“My kids have been through so much in the past two years,” said a single mother of two from Attleboro, who tells Globe Santa that she has suffered from diabetes, leukemia, and pain from a back injury. She spent last Christmas in the hospital for treatment of the leukemia and recently finished chemotherapy.

“We have been homeless,” she said in her letter. “They have gone through the good and bad watching me [get] sick and recover. Day to day, it’s a struggle, but through the grace of God, we’re safe and recently found an apartment that basically costs me every dime I have monthly.”


She has this wish for the holidays: “I just want to give my kids a decent Christmas in their new home this year.”

Another mother of two from a community west of Boston finds her family confronting difficult times after her husband got sick and lost his job.

“My wonderful husband became very ill and was hospitalized,” the woman said in her letter to Globe Santa. “Due to this, he was let go from his job of 10 years.

“Because of his ongoing medical issues, doctors are unsure if or when he will recover enough to return to work or even be able to work again. It will never be in the same capacity as he had before becoming ill.”

She said their older daughter was diagnosed with autism, further compounding their problems and her husband is unable to care for their daughters beyond making a short run to the grocery store.

“Since all of these medical issues started, we are doing all we can to keep a roof over our heads, the lights on and food on the table.


“The idea that we wouldn’t have to worry about finding gifts for our daughters for the holidays would be wonderful. Thank you so much to all your donors and volunteers. It will help make Christmas for our daughters.”

Globe Santa will come through for these families and thousands more in Greater Boston, just as he has since 1956 because of the gracious generosity of thousands of donors.

Last year, Globe Santa raised more than $1 million from 5,865 donors and put presents under the tree for 34,325 children from 19,182 families in 192 Massachusetts communities.

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