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Cambridge startup to work with TSA to help recover devices forgetten at the airport

Travelers in Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport.Bryan Anderson/Associated Press

Long lines, crying babies, and flight delays can all make a plane trip a bad experience. But if you forget something in the airport, especially a valuable like a phone or computer, and your bad experience can become a full-blown horror show.

That’s a problem a Cambridge-based startup is trying to solve by announcing its new agreement with the Transportation Security Administration, which has cut a deal with Rejjee Inc. for the company to expand its lost and found app into airports across the country.

Rejjee has worked since 2015 with the MBTA Transit Police to help people recover stolen property collected by police. You register your personal property — like a bike — on Rejjee’s app with a photograph and serial number and your item is then included in the company’s searchable database.


The arrangement with the TSA will help with cyber security, Rejjee co-founder Ken Smith said in a press release, by reuniting people with their devices.

“More than 12,000 laptops and electronics are lost at US airports each week,” Smith said in the release. “The data on these devices as well as the cloud platform login credentials represents one of the leading cyber security risks to personal identification and company data.”

Through the agreement, Rejjee will receive daily reports of property found by TSA agents at security checkpoints in participating airports and travelers will be able to search for their possessions in Rejjee’s database. According to a press release, TSA reports finding more than 30,000 items each month in airports nationwide.

BostonInno reports that Rejjee is in talks to add Logan Aiport to 50 airports in the company’s database.

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