The city of Providence has permanently revoked the licenses of the Foxy Lady strip club in Providence following the arrest of dancers for allegedly offering to perform sex acts on undercover police detectives last week.

The city’s licensing board voted 3 to 1 Wednesday to revoke the club’s license, according to license administrator Heather Kilkenny.

The club will remain closed pending a possible appeal. Kilkenny said she expects the licensees will appeal.

In a Dec. 12 hearing, the Board of Licenses issued an emergency closure of the club due to the “public health and safety” concerns raised by the arrests. The club was ordered to remain closed at least until the hearing concluded. Board members Wednesday ended the hearing with a vote for license revocation.


“Ultimately, it is the responsibility of the establishment to make sure that everything is proper,” said one of the license board members, according to an audio recording of the hearing.

Police began their investigation of the club several weeks ago, when a dancer reported that she had been sexually assaulted by a customer in one of the club’s private rooms. The customer was identified and arrested, but the assault was an indicator that there could have been more illegal activity happening in the club, according to Major David Lapatin, commanding officer of the city of Providence’s Investigative Division.

Three undercover detectives on the night of Dec. 11 were approached by three different dancers, who all offered to take them to private VIP rooms downstairs. The dancers allegedly offered to give the detectives “anything you want” for $300 if they paid a bouncer $100, according to the police report filed for the hearing.

Delia Rodriguez-Masjoan, a commissioner on the licensing board, justified her vote for license revocation by saying that licensees must be proactive in ensuring that their business is run in a sound and safe manner.


“I think that if you are really serious about being a business owner in this kind of business, show me that you really care about your business and that you’re really going to be doing something that’s going to protect your business above and beyond,” Rodriguez-Masjoan said at the hearing.

There’s another Foxy Lady location in Brockton, but there are no others in Rhode Island, Kilkenny said.

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