Roxbury housing development has had no gas since Friday

The Academy Homes housing development in Roxbury has been without gas service since Friday, after utility crews found several leaks in the complex’s piping, officials said.

Hundreds of residents had their gas access cut when the faulty pipes were discovered, according to Erin Del Llano, a National Grid spokeswoman. The complex has a total of 200 units, according to the website for Urban Edge, an affordable housing developer that co-owns the development with the Academy Homes I Tenants Council.

Crews from National Grid were at the apartments Monday afternoon alongside Academy Homes plumbers and inspectors from the city’s Inspectional Services Department, Del Llano said.


“Boston ISD will not allow us to turn gas back on until the building owner has made repairs, tested piping to ensure safety, and the city completes its inspection,” Del Llano said.

A person who answered the phone at Academy Homes Winn, the property management company, said the company did not have anyone available to comment on Monday afternoon.

Fatimah, 19, of Medford, said her aunt lives in the complex with her five children, who are between the ages of nine and 16.

The teen, who asked that her last name not be published because she fears her aunt could face retaliation, said the family is “cold, hungry, and scared.” They have no other options, though, so they are staying put until power is restored.

“They’re trying to make use, due to having nowhere else to go,” Fatimah said. “It’s pretty rough.”

The management office at the complex offered the family a space heater, Fatimah said, but it is too small to fully heat the space. She said the family is also unable to cook, so they are going to a nearby community center for free meals.

“People are feeling neglected,” Fatimah said. “People are suffering.”


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