Technical problems at a Louisiana-based service provider Friday disrupted 911 access in multiple states across the country — including Massachusetts, officials said.

Police and fire departments throughout the state took to social media to alert followers to the problem, which was causing some 911 calls made from landlines and cellphones to not go through to the appropriate dispatchers. People needing emergency assistance were urged to call the 10-digit phone numbers for their local police and fire departments.

People who call 911 may hear a busy signal or a recording saying, “All circuits are busy.” Callers may also get connected to an emergency call center that they weren’t expecting, according to the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency.


In case of an emergency, people should still try calling 911 first, MEMA said in a statement Friday.

If the call fails, the next step should be to call the local police or fire department, according to MEMA. Department phone numbers are available online and through directory assistance.

If calling local first responders is not possible, the next best option would be to call the Massachusetts State 911 Department at 508-872-2508, according to MEMA.

Residents of the communities in the following lists can use the 10-digit phone numbers at the top of each list to receive dispatch service from State Police, according to MEMA.

The 10-digit emergency number is 508-867-1170 for the following towns dispatched by New Braintree Control:

■  Brimfield

■  Brookfield

■  East Brookfield

■  Hardwick

■  Holland

■  New Braintree

■  North Brookfield

■  Petersham

■  Wales

■  West Brookfield

The 10-digit emergency number is 413-586-1508 for the following towns dispatched by Northampton Control:

■  Chester

■  Chesterfield

■  Cummington

■  Goshen

■  Granville

■  Hatfield

■  Huntington

■  Montgomery

■  Pelham

■  Plainfield

■  Russell

■  Williamsburg

■  Westhampton

■  Worthington

The 10-digit emergency number is 413-625-8200 for the following towns dispatched by Shelburne Control:

■  Ashfield

■  Bernardston

■  Buckland

■  Charlemont

■  Colrain

■  Conway

■  Deerfield


■  Erving

■  Gill

■  Hawley

■  Heath

■  Leverett

■  Leyden

■  Monroe

■  New Salem

■  Northfield

■  Orange

■  Rowe

■  Shelburne

■  Shelburne Falls

■  Shutesbury

■  Sunderland

■  Warwick

■  Wendell

■  Whately

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