Diesel fuel leak in South Boston triggers hazmat response

At least 75 gallons of diesel fuel leaked onto a loading dock in South Boston on Sunday night, prompting a Level 2 hazmat response, fire officials said.

The leak began around midnight at 88 Black Falcon Pier after a tractor-trailer backed into a parked truck and ruptured an oil tank, according to Boston Fire Department spokesperson Brian Alkins.

Crews began the clean-up process by covering the spill with absorbent pads and “speedy dry” granules, but were still waiting for the remainder of the fuel to trickle out of the ruptured tank around 12:30 a.m., officials said. Alkins said the tank holds a maximum of 100 gallons.


There were no injuries and the leak poses no threat to the environment, he said.

The collision was purely accidental, officials said.

Officials will hire hazmat specialists to clean up the absorbent materials in the coming days, they said.

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