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Elizabeth Warren reveals what brand of beer she likes to drink

Senator Elizabeth Warren spoke to reporters at the Massachusetts State House on Wednesday. Jessica Rinaldi/Globe Staff

Now we finally know: Elizabeth Warren revealed Wednesday the type of beer she was drinking during an Instagram live video that was filmed in her kitchen on New Year’s Eve.

Warren’s disclosure came after a reporter asked about the video — which has been criticized as cringe-worthy by some pundits — and what kind of beer she was drinking.

“I drink Michelob Ultra — the club soda of beers,” she joked.

The question, which was posed as the US senator made an appearance on Beacon Hill, came after Warren broadcast a live video on Instagram on Monday night in which she reflected on announcing her exploratory committee earlier in the day.


“Hold on a sec. I’m gonna get me a beer,” Warren said during the livestream, before exiting the frame and clinking around in her fridge.

As she came back into the frame, she told her audience that her husband, Bruce, was now in the kitchen, and offered him a beer, too. (He passed.)

Warren, whose hand covered the beer’s label, then took a big swig from a bottle, and continued to take sips throughout the video.

The video received mixed reactions, with some on Twitter saying she was pandering to a younger audience.

However, Warren staunchly defended the Instagram video on Wednesday.

“It’s one more way to be able just to invite people into your home,” she said, adding that it’s a “chance just to kind of talk about what’s going on.”

“What matters to me,” she continued, “is that everything in this campaign is about the people who are out there every single day — work hard, play by the rules — and just want a government that’s on their side.”

During her Wednesday appearance at the Massachusetts State House, Warren also said she wasn’t fazed by pundits who predict voters outside the bright blue confines of Massachusetts won’t back her for president.


“I’m going to keep talking about the same kinds of issues that pulled me into politics to begin with,” said the Cambridge Democrat. “I originally ran for the Senate in Massachusetts so that I would be in a place to try to help strengthen America’s hardworking families and to try to make this government work better for them, and that’s what this national campaign is all about as well.”