We’re bringing back some comics. Vote for your favorites

We’ve heard our readers loud and clear on our recent cuts to the comics and puzzles. We went too far.

Many of you made the very good point that we need to laugh more these days, which we fully appreciate. So we’re planning to restore some of them, and would like to hear from you which ones you would most like to read. The comics and puzzles we stopped are below. Please e-mail us at comics@globe.com with your top five comics from the list, and your favorite puzzle.

Our aim is to have them back in the paper and the ePaper by the end of January, and hopefully before. In the meantime, if you’d like to read comics online, our website’s comics section still carries most of the titles in question. We appreciate your patience and apologize for taking something away that is as valued as these comics.


Comics: Pooch Café, Bliss, Adam@Home, Get Fuzzy, Zippy, Dustin, Rose Is Rose, Mother Goose & Grimm, Bizarro, Mister Boffo, Jump Start

Puzzles: Calcudoku, Jumble