9-year-old boy dials 9-1-1 in Somerset, helps save grandfather’s life during medical crisis

A 9-year-old boy from Dartmouth is credited with saving his grandfather’s life on Saturday, according to Somerset police.

Alan Crisman, 80, of Somerset, said he was at home and about to drive to get pizza with his grandson, Kazin, when he suffered what police described as “a life threatening medical emergency.”

They had just gotten into the car when it happened. Crisman was sitting in the driver’s seat, and his grandson was sitting in the back seat. But before they started driving, Crisman, who has Type 1 diabetes, started suffering from low blood sugar.

“I was out cold,” said Crisman, in a telephone interview.


Kazin asked his grandfather if something was wrong, and then dialed 911 for help. First responders arrived at Crisman’s home. The next thing Crisman knew, he was riding in an ambulance.

“I was extremely lucky,” Crisman said. “[Kazin] explained the whole situation to the 911 operator.”

Crisman credits the fourth-grader’s quick thinking with saving his life.

“He’s just an absolute sweetheart,” said Crisman. “I do not think I would have survived had he not been with me.”

Crisman said afterward the Somerset police picked up a pizza that they all shared.

The Somerset Police Department posted a photo of Kazin and his grandfather on Facebook, and gave kudos to the youngster for doing the right thing in an emergency.

“Kazin, age 9, remained calm, dialed 911 and was able to describe his grandfather’s symptoms and provide other valuable information that assisted first responders in providing necessary medical treatment,” police wrote on Facebook. “As you can see, Grandpa is doing much better! Kazin, all of us here at the Somerset PD are super proud of you!”

Crisman is not only proud of his grandson, he’s also very grateful.

“He’s my hero,” said Crisman. “Without him, I don’t think I would have survived.”


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