Man arrested for allegedly whipping his dog at Ashmont T stop

MBTA Transit Police

A Natick man was arrested for allegedly beating his dog Tuesday evening at the MBTA’s Ashmont Station, police said.

Transit Police officers responded to the T stop around 6:45 p.m. When they arrived, witnesses pointed out a man, later identified as Michael Webb, 26. The witnesses, according to a statement from MBTA Transit Police, said that Webb, while standing on the southbound platform, used the dog’s leash to “viciously whip and beat” the canine, a mixed-breed dog named Coco.

When police approached Webb, who stands about 6 feet 7 inches tall and weighs about 300 pounds, he told authorities that they would need “more than two officers to take him,” according to Transit Police.


More officers responded, and Webb was ultimately taken into custody on a cruelty to animals charge, authorities said. During the booking process, police discovered there was a warrant out for Webb’s arrest from Boston Municipal Court for cruelty to animals, according to Transit Police.

The city’s animal control responded to the scene and took custody of Coco, police said.

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