Wait — what? Did Walsh really say this was his last chance to attend a Super Bowl as mayor?

Mayor Marty Walsh appeared live with some cast members of “Today” from Faneuil Hall.
Mayor Marty Walsh appeared live with some cast members of “Today” from Faneuil Hall.(David L. Ryan/Globe Staff)

Mayor Martin J. Walsh, a proud New England Patriots season ticket holder, is going to the Super Bowl.

But Walsh turned heads among reporters who had gathered Friday for his press conference on the city’s preparations for Sunday night’s game, when he said it would be his last chance to attend a Super Bowl as mayor.

“I probably won’t go to another Super Bowl, as the mayor,” he said. “This is an opportunity that I weighed heavily. I could have gone to the other ones, and I decided not to go.”

Wait — what?

Does that mean Walsh does not believe in the future of the team?


“I’m not saying the Patriots are done, they could go five more years in a row,” Walsh said, checking himself.

So wait, a television reporter asked the second-term mayor, does that mean, “Are you done?”

“No, I’m not done either,” said a flustered Walsh, shaking his head and realizing he had just accidentally sparked intrigue into his political future.

“I can go five more years in a row, maybe six,” he said.

He sought to clarify that this year’s trip, “it’s just an opportunity” he wanted to take advantage of. It would be the third big game for Walsh, who attended when the Patriots first beat the then-St. Louis Rams for the team’s first championship 17 years ago in New Orleans. The mayor also attended the Patriots’ 2012 loss to the New York Giants in Indiana.

But it’s worth noting that Walsh, a former state representative, has been mentioned as a someone who has aspirations to run for governor in 2022. (He previously called the race “too far away right now”).

Governor Charlie Baker also confirmed that he’s headed to the game in Atlanta this weekend. It’s his third voyage to the Super Bowl — and his first as governor.


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