Former stripper who killed man in Chicopee motel room in 1994 gets paroled — again

A woman who bludgeoned a 65-year-old man to death in a Chicopee motel room in a drug and alcohol-fueled haze in 1994 was recently granted parole for the third time, records show.

A Parole Board ruling dated Feb. 7 said Pamela Osl, now 50, was a suitable candidate for parole, despite being returned to custody twice before because of drug violations.

Osl was convicted in September 1994 of second-degree murder for the slaying six months earlier of Reginald Laraway, the ruling said. Second-degree murder convictions carry a life sentence with parole eligibility after a lengthy period behind bars.

The ruling said Osl and Laraway went to a Motel 6 in Chicopee after a night of drinking at a local establishment. Osl also had used crack cocaine during the course of the evening.


“While alone in the motel room, Ms. Osl murdered Mr. Laraway by striking him in the head several times with the toilet tank cover and slicing his throat with a razor blade,” the ruling said. “She fled in his car, obtained and used more crack cocaine, socialized with several people, and admitted to one person that she had killed a man. She returned to the motel room to take money and to clean the crime scene, while the body of Mr. Laraway was still there.”

She later confessed to police, according to the ruling.

During her May 2018 hearing before the board, Osl apologized for the brutal murder.

“She indicated that she was using drugs [at the time], as well as drinking, to ‘fill a void’ and to ‘avoid facing things,’ ” the ruling said. “Ms. Osl indicated that, although she had tried to seek therapy to address her anger issues, she nonetheless ‘took out [her] anger, sadness and frustration on Mr. Laraway.’ ”

Osl added that she was in an abusive relationship at the time of the killing and suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder, the ruling said. She also told the board that she has since “ ‘made every day count’ as she doesn’t want to inflict the same pain she caused to the family of Mr. Laraway.”


She’s had two prior stretches on parole that ended badly.

She first won her freedom in January 2009 but was back in custody eight months later for “self-injurious behavior and drug use,” the ruling said. Then in 2013, she was freed again, this time staying out of trouble for about four years until she tested positive for cocaine, records show.

During Osl’s May 2018 hearing, her lawyer, Timothy Bradl, said she denies using coke but “acknowledges that there were circumstances in which she could have ingested” the drug, the ruling said.

Osl elaborated in her testimony before the panel.

She said she broke a tooth and asked a friend named Vanessa to pick up temporary filler at a store. But Vanessa didn’t have enough cash for temporary tooth filler, so she settled on Tylenol, the ruling said. Osl then directed Vanessa to make paste out of the crushed Tylenol and water, so she could put it on her tooth to ease her pain, the ruling said.

“Vanessa told Ms. Osl that she put cocaine in the paste she made for herself but not in the paste for Ms. Osl,” the ruling said. “Ms. Osl speculated that perhaps the pastes were mixed inadvertently, but ultimately, could not explain how she tested positive for cocaine.”


Osl also indicated that she had recently completed a number of therapeutic programs while in custody.

Under terms of her parole, she must maintain a 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. curfew; submit to electronic monitoring and drug and alcohol screening; have no contact with Laraway’s family; participate in counseling; and attend Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous meetings at least three times a week, records show.

At the time of Osl’s murder arrest, the then-25-year-old was working as an exotic dancer and initially told police she was Laraway’s daughter. Police said at the time that it appeared Laraway may have been dead for two days before his body was discovered.

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