Snow removal crew saves man who jumped off Fore River Bridge in Quincy

A man who jumped 60 feet off a bridge into frigid water Thursday morning was rescued by a snow removal crew in Quincy, officials said.

Tony Arauso and two other men from J.F. White Contractors were removing snow on the Fore River Bridge and called 911 around 8:30 a.m. to say a man had exited his car after they had told him not to park, and plummeted 60 feet into the water below, Quincy firefighters said.

Quincy Deputy Fire Chief Tim Burchill said other J.F. White workers who were on a boat beneath the bridge got to the man shortly after he jumped and pulled him onto the boat.


Burchill said firefighters from Quincy and Weymouth arrived in time to escort the man from the boat to an ambulance. The water was around 35 degrees Thursday morning.

Brewster Ambulance Services took the man to South Shore Hospital. Burchill said he suffered minor injuries to his face, but he was able to walk when he arrived on shore.

“We were very fortunate that it snowed last night and the snow removal crew was on that bridge, [or it] could have been disastrous,” Burchill said. “Hopefully, this gives him a second chance.”

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