2 Boston police supervisors on leave in connection with payroll probe

(Globe photo/file)

Two Boston police supervisors have been placed on paid leave pending an ongoing investigation into overtime and payroll abuse that has already targeted other officers, according to the department.

Detective Sergeant John Boyle would not identify the officers, but said Friday that they were supervisors assigned to the department’s evidence management unit and had been placed on leave Feb. 15. He said the matter is being investigated by the department’s internal affairs unit and also has been referred to the Suffolk district attorney’s office. A spokesman for the district attorney declined to comment on the case Friday.

Boyle said in a prepared statement that the investigation centers on what he called an administrative issue, and the department is confident that the integrity of the evidence stored in the evidence room was not compromised.


“This alleged behavior is unacceptable for any member of the Boston Police Department,” Commissioner William Gross said in a statement. “As Commissioner, I want to make it clear to every officer that any action that goes against our rules and regulations will not be tolerated without exception.”

Boyle said that Gross has ordered a “proactive and ongoing review” of payroll data for every district and unit in the department. Also, the commission has been meeting with commanders to “make abundantly clear the rules and expectations surrounding time attendance, and reporting for duty at the department.”

The investigation into the two supervisors comes only weeks after the department placed three officers assigned to provide security at the front desk of the department’s Roxbury headquarters on leave, also because of alleged payroll abuse.

Those officers were identified as Louis A. Vasquez, David A. Stewart, and Curtis Carroll. They have not responded to requests for comment.

Boston’s investigation follows federal and state investigations into overtime abuses by multiple State Police troopers. Already, several troopers have been indicted in federal court related to the scandal.


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