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Cambridge man arraigned on ammunition charge after allegedly threatening shooting spree

MEDFORD — A 54-year-old Cambridge man was arraigned Wednesday on an ammunitions charge days after his roommate told police she heard him threatening to go on shooting sprees, authorities said.

Brian Schwarztrauber was charged with one count of unlawful possession of ammunition.

Judge Roanne Sragow set his bail at $25,000 cash, with a litany of release conditions, including no contact with potential witnesses, that he abide by any restraining order, not attend any gun shows or go to any store that sells guns, stay in the state, and have no alcohol or drugs, unless they’re prescribed from a doctor.

Schwarztrauber — wearing glasses, a dark-colored button-down shirt, and jeans — stood calmly at his arraignment in Cambridge District Court as a not guilty plea was entered on his behalf.


According to a police report, Schwarztrauber’s roommate told authorities early Saturday that he had “been acting very strange lately and had made statements about going on shooting sprees.”

Another police report stated that recently Schwarztrauber “has been talking about mass shootings.”

Schwarztrauber denied that he had been talking about shooting sprees during a police interview, according to court documents.

Specifically, investigators said the roommate indicated Schwarztrauber had an obsession with guns and that she overheard him on the phone with someone discussing the delivery of a gun and use the phrases “shooting spree,” “with ammo strapped to my back,” and “I’ll shoot through windshields if I have to.”

Schwarztrauber does not have a valid Massachusetts license to carry or a firearms identification card, according to authorities.

However, at Wednesday’s arraignment, Middlesex prosecutor Sam Zaganjori said Schwarztrauber has indicated that he was about to “come into possession of a sniper rifle.”

“The facts are much more concerning than are indicated by the charge,” said Zaganjori.

Furthermore, the roommate told police she has heard Schwarztrauber speak of wanting to start a civil war and a revolution, according to a police report.


She believed that “his rage is almost exclusively politically motivated,” according to the report.

“Schwarztrauber consistently makes racist comments and is very much against the views of the Democratic party,” read one police report.

Another police report stated, “He has a hatred for Democrats, and has shown increased aggression towards socialist Democrats and the Democratic party. He identifies with the ideology behind the [Charlottesville] riots and agreed it was ok when the woman was run over.”

After speaking with his roommate, police were able to reach Schwarztrauber by phone over the weekend. He told an officer that he was at a gun show in Wilmington.

A detective contacted Wilmington police, who said that Schwarztrauber had been placed into protective custody at the gun show and was found to be illegally in possession of 150 rounds of 9mm ammunition, according to a police report.

Authorities alleged that Schwarztrauber was intoxicated at the gun show, the report stated.

Later, a search of his apartment yielded 20 rounds of ammunition that police found on his nightstand, authorities said.

At the arraignment, Zaganjori, the prosecutor, argued that Schwarztrauber is a significant flight risk.

Maximilian Martucelli, Schwarztrauber’s attorney, disagreed.

He argued that his client was cooperative and forthright with police, and that he doesn’t own a gun. Schwarztrauber works as finance and accounting consultant, said Martucelli.

“He certainly had no intention of committing any of these crimes that are being attributed to him,” said Martucelli.


Schwarztrauber is due back in court on April 2 for a pretrial hearing.

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