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Elizabeth Warren dashes to catch New York train, then takes a moment to talk politics, rib TMZ

Sen. Elizabeth WarrenAP Photo/Charlie Neibergall/Associated Press

She’s running — to catch a train.

A video posted by TMZ Monday showed a determined Elizabeth Warren dashing full-speed to get to a train on time at New York’s Penn Station, as a reporter wielding a camera followed after her like Alice chasing the white rabbit down a hole.

According to a spokeswoman for the senator, Warren and her team were headed to Washington, D.C., after taping a segment for “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert,” and had three minutes to catch a train at the station — “hence the running.”

In the video, the TMZ reporter spots Warren beelining it for the station’s entrance and tries to engage with her.


“Hi, how are you?” Warren says to the reporter, as she runs toward the stairs, weaving in and out of other commuters. “Sorry, I’m running for a train.”

The reporter continues his pursuit of the presidential candidate as she clutches a jacket and works her way toward the station concourse.

When Warren finally gets inside the station, she stops running briefly to look at the train arrival times posted on the screens.

“We thought we were going to miss it,” a spokeswoman said in an e-mail to the Globe. “But when we got there and looked at the board it showed a five-minute delay.”

With a little time to spare, Warren turned her attention to the reporter, and fielded a few questions as if she hadn’t just had a mini-workout.

“You’re fast,” said TMZ’s Adam Glyn.

“I am,” Warren replied. “I am.”

During the interview, Warren said she is feeling energized about the campaign, having already stopped at 12 states and Puerto Rico to meet with potential voters.

“People are fired up and they are ready for change,” she said. “You can feel it.”


When asked about what she says to people who are “nervous” or angry about the outcome of Special counsel Robert Mueller’s report, Warren said it should be made public and everyone should get an opportunity to read it.

But, she added, people she’s spoken to during recent campaign events in New Hampshire had other topics they wanted to tackle.

“I took a ton of questions. You know how many I got about the Mueller report? Zero,” said Warren said. “People want to know about the things that touch their lives every day. They get it. There’s a problem, we need to see the report. But ultimately, what 2020 is going to be about is is this government just going to keep working for the rich and powerful and anybody else?”

At the end of the interview, Warren again apologized for running off, but later teased TMZ on Twitter for falling behind as she bolted for her train.

“Try and keep up, TMZ,” she tweeted.

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