Montserrat College of Art in Beverly inaugurated Kurt T. Steinberg as its eighth president during a ceremony attended by representatives of colleges from across New England.

Gov. Charlie Baker, State Senator Joan Lovely and other public officials “offered greetings at the start of the ceremony,” held last Friday at a The Cabot theatre, the college said in a statement.

Four former presidents of the private college were also on hand, along with a founding faculty member.

Also in attendance was Kay Sloan, president emerita of Massachusetts College of Art and Design (MassArt), where Steinberg was the executive vice president, prior to starting at Montserrat last July. Steve Locke, a faculty member at MassArt, delivered the keynote address.

In his inaugural address, Steinberg called for innovation in art and design education.

“The history of Montserrat does not allow for the status of playing it safe to exist,” he said of the college founded in the late 1960s by a group of artists.


He said the four-year college will continue to challenge the status quo, facilitate academic research,, and “diversify our making traditions on campus and through that action facilitate international dialogue dedicated to the influence of difference in ourselves as creative people.”

He said that Montserrat students need to be brave and be curious and not allow the opinions of others to stifle their ideas.

“Greatness is there for those who work hard and dream big,” Steinberg said in the statement.” Montserrat College of Art is on the move and will be leading the revolution. We insist those not ready for the disruption to get out of our way. Greatness is our aspiration. Our history demands it of us. Our community of artists, designers and artist educators are ready.”

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