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A teenage boy from Ashland this week admitted to conspiracy to commit murder in connection with the vicious slaying of a 47-year-old mother last year, according to authorities.

Thomas Jay Severance was 13 at the time of the murder of Kimberly Mironovas. On Tuesday, Severance admitted to the conspiracy charge and was committed to the Long Creek Youth Development Center until age 21, which was the longest sentence possible for a juvenile, said Marc Malon, a spokesman for Maine’s attorney general office, in a statement.

Mironovas was killed last April. Authorities allege her son, Lukas, who was then 15, and another teenager from Ashland, William S. Smith, who was then 15, snuck into her bedroom and choked her before Lukas allegedly stabbed his mother in the neck.


Severance stood accused of helping to plan the killing, according to officials.

Kimberly Mironovas had moved to Maine in 2017, selling her condo in Ashland and moving more than 180 miles to Litchfield, where she enrolled in a nearby cosmetology school.

The three boys charged in connection with her death had initially planned to spike her drink with a fatal dose of crushed prescription pills, according to prosecutors, but abandoned the plan after they tried diluting the powder in wine and found that residue remained visible in the glass.

The teenagers instead decided to strangle and stab her, prosecutors said. Authorities allege Lukas Mironovas carried a knife and donned a mask and gloves during the attack. Smith wore gloves, they said.

Smith and Severance were students in the Ashland public schools system at the time they were charged, while Lukas Mironovas was an Ashland student up until the 2009-2010 school year, the district said.

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