Elite Boston Marathon runners take home more than just the glory of the race — the fastest man and woman each take home a six-figure check as well.

John Hancock Financial Services, the main sponsor of the marathon, is giving away over $860,000 in prize money this year to the top finishers of the overall race, masters, and push-rim wheelchair divisions.

The fastest man and woman each walk away with $150,000. Second place for each category takes home $75,000, and third place receives $40,000.

Here are the prizes the rest of the top 15 runners take home:


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  • Fourth: $25,000
  • Fifth: $15,000
  • Sixth: $12,000
  • Seventh: $9,000
  • Eighth: $7,400
  • Ninth: $5,700
  • 10th: $4,200
  • 11th: $2,600
  • 12th: $2,100
  • 13th: $1,800
  • 14th: $1,700
  • 15th: $1,500

The top men and women runners in the masters division — those who are 40 and older — will take home $10,000 each. Second place receives $5,000, third receives $2,500, fourth receives $1,500, and fifth receives $1,000.

Prizes in the push-rim wheelchair division went up since the 2018 race. The fastest man and woman in that division will now take home $25,000, up $5,000 from last year. Second receives $15,000, also $5,000 more than the winner in last year’s race, and third place receives $7,500, $2,500 more than in 2018.

Here’s what the rest of the top 10 racers take home:

  • Fourth: $4,500
  • Fifth: $2,500
  • Sixth: $2,000
  • Seventh: $1,500
  • Eighth: $1,250
  • Ninth: $1,000
  • 10th: $750

And if you happen to be a racer who breaks a world or Boston Marathon record? There’s a prize for that, too.

If a man can beat the world record of 2:01:39, he’ll get an extra $50,000. He has an extra 5 seconds to beat the Boston record of 2:03:02 — that would net him $25,000. For women, the world and Boston records are 2:15:25 and 2:19:59, respectively, with the same prizes awarded.

Men and women masters runners who break the world record in their division win an extra $10,000, and busting the Boston record nets them $7,500. The push-rim wheelchair bonus prizes match those figures.


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