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Remember Spencer, the flag-waving golden retriever? He’s back at the Boston Marathon this year

For those searching for a bit of encouragement during an overcast Boston Marathon, look no further: Spencer the golden retriever is back out on the route today.

The 9-year-old dog could be seen cheering on push-rim athletes Monday morning, holding two “Boston Strong” flags between his teeth.

Last year, runners were smitten with Spencer — who has cheered on competitors in four Boston Marathons as of 2019 — stopping along the course to take selfies, give him a kiss, or hold his paws.

Spencer’s owner, Rich Powers, told the Globe last year that he brings Spencer and another therapy dog, Penny, to help motivate runners.


“They get a little charge out of it. This year, I think they just needed a little bit more motivation,” Powers said in 2018, referring to the chilly, rainy conditions then. “We’re not gonna let a little weather bring us down.”

On Sunday, Powers also posted a preview of Spencer in all of his cute raingear glory.

Previous Globe coverage was used in this report.