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The long-awaited redacted version of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report was released Thursday. Here’s how the late night hosts reacted to the 448 page document:

Jimmy Fallon: “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon”

Fallon, accompanied by “Tonight Show” house band The Roots, performed a parody of “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction” by the Rolling Stones. His parody, “(Can’t Take No) Redactions,” referencing the blacked-out parts of the Mueller report that was distributed to Congress and the public on Thursday.

Later in the show, Fallon commented on the report itself and made jokes about Barr’s Thursday morning press conference.

Stephen Colbert: “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert”

Colbert, Mueller report in hand, roasted Barr’s press conference, calling it a “one-man, no-collusion spectacular.”


The late night host interviewed former acting solicitor general Neal Katyal, who wrote the rules for special counsel investigations in 1999, and performed a second monologue on some of the revelations from the Mueller report.

Seth Meyers: “Late Night with Seth Meyers”

Meyers reflected on the events that led up to the release of the Mueller report. He joked about how often people speculated that Mueller’s investigation was wrapping up, Trump’s comments leading up to the report’s release, and Barr’s press conference ahead of the release.

He later poked fun at the number of redactions in the report during a segment on the news of the day.

Jimmy Kimmel: “Jimmy Kimmel Live”

Kimmel created a “School House Rock” style animation as part of his Mueller report bit starring a little girl with a wheel barrow full of Mueller report pages to deliver. A sharpie named Redaction Jackson says he needs to take a look at the report first and goes on to explain what it meant to redact a document.

“I redact this sentence [There is proof of collusion], so the president doesn’t get this sentence,” the sharpie said as an image of Trump in an orange jump suit behind bars.


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