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Watch these two pups on the loose casually parade through Tewksbury

Two dogs in Tewksbury receive police escort after getting loose.
Two dogs in Tewksbury receive police escort after getting loose

As Jim Lyons pulled out of the parking lot of Dandi-Lyons ice cream shop in Tewksbury Sunday morning, he noticed there wasn’t a car in sight along Main Street.

It seemed odd, even for Easter.

Then, in the distance, he suddenly noticed flashing police lights.

A few seconds later, he realized what was going on: two dogs were cheerfully running down the middle of the street in perfect unison — side by side, touching — as a police cruiser trailed close behind them to make sure the runaway pets didn’t get hit by traffic.

“It was funny as heck,” said Lyons. “They just kind of paraded down the middle of the street like they were supposed to be doing it — and the policeman was following behind the dogs to make sure no one was getting into the dogs’ way.”


Lyons, chairman of the Massachusetts Republican Party, took out his phone once he noticed the dogs, and recorded what he called a “beautiful” — and funny — moment.

In the video, the dogs are trotting alongside each other as though their paws are secured together.

The police cruiser is a few yards back, slowly crawling behind them. Just beyond the officer’s vehicle is a line of traffic inching along Main Street.

Lyons posted the video to Facebook shortly after witnessing the scene play out. By Monday morning, it had been viewed nearly 10,000 times.

“Two friends out for an Easter morning stroll down Main St. Tewksbury,” he wrote on Facebook.

He also shared it on Twitter, where he joked that the dogs were maybe headed to the ice cream shop — which he owns — together.

“They must have been on a joy ride, getting out on Easter Sunday morning,” he told the Globe.

Tewksbury deputy police chief John Voto said the officer behind the dogs had escorted them down Main Street for about a half-mile before they veered off the road and into a swampy area.


“He tried to corral the dogs, but they were not having any part of it,” Voto said. “So he just made them safe by following with the cruiser.”

The owner of the wayward pups was eventually contacted by police, he said, and the officer who guided them went on his way to another call.

Lyons said he read on a Facebook post about the missing dogs that they had found their way back home shortly after he took the video Sunday morning.

“The good news is both dogs were eventually captured and reunited ... to the joy of everyone,” he said.

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