Snow in May? In parts of Massachusetts, it looked like a winter wonderland

Snow was on the ground in Rowe, Mass.
Snow was on the ground in Rowe, Mass.Thomas Danek via WWLP 22News

Snow fell in certain places in the northwestern part of Massachusetts.

The snowfall reports came from communities on the eastern slopes of the Berkshires, according to Kimberly Buttrick, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service.

“It is unusual to get snow this late in the season,” she said. “Even for them, it’s unusual ... it can happen, but it’s considered an anomaly.”

On Tuesday morning, one observer reported 7/10ths of an inch of snow in Rowe, a small town in Franklin County that’s on the border of Vermont. At the highest elevation in Rowe, 1.6 inches of snowfall was reported, she said.


The 1.6 inches was reported at an elevation of 1,950 feet, about 100 feet south of the Vermont border, she said.

The observer remarked that “it looked like a photograph from February,” she said. “A winter wonderland in mid-May.”

Buttrick said a half an inch of snow was reported in Hawley (elevation: 1,647 feet), a small town in the western part of Franklin County, and trace amounts were reported in Worthington, which is in the western part of Hampshire County (elevation: 1,285 feet).

Thomas Danek sent a photo of a snowy scene in Rowe to WWLP 22News in Springfield, which was tweeted by meteorologist Nick Bannin. The photo showed a porch and lawn covered in a white layer of snow.

Bannin also tweeted another photo of snow-covered trees and grass along a road in Windsor, a town in Berkshire County.

The weather service’s Skywarn program tweeted that sleet mixed with rain was observed in Chelsea, Haverhill, Saugus, and Fitchburg on Monday night.

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