Hull elementary student sets fire in empty classroom, police say

An elementary student lit a fire in a classroom with matches he carried to school and left it to burn Tuesday afternoon in Hull, officials said.

A teacher at Lillian M. Jacobs Elementary School rushed a flaming stack of tissues found in the corner of an empty classroom to a nearby sink after a fifth-grader walking between classes had gone into the classroom and lit the fire using a box of matches around 2 p.m., school officials and Hull police said in a joint statement.

“I want to commend teachers and staff at the Jacobs Elementary School for their swift actions that led to a quick resolution without injury or damage to school property,” Superintendent Michael F. Devine said in the statement.


The fire was too small to set off the fire alarm, and teachers said they confiscated the matches from the student.

The student will not face criminal charges due to the student’s age, but “has been removed from the school on an emergency basis,” the statement said.

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