The new head of the Boston police Crime Lab Unit has spent nearly 20 years there as a civilian employee and “hit the ground running” when he assumed the top post last month, he said Thursday in a telephone interview.

“Just to be able to touch more cases, I think, would be the biggest goal,” said Kevin Kosiorek, who joined the crime lab in December 1999.

Kosiorek, noting the lab reviews evidence in a variety of cases including homicides, other violent attacks, and property crimes, said the 20-person staff remains as dedicated as ever.

“Everybody contributes a lot,” he said.

Kosiorek has frequently testified during criminal trials, including the 2009 trial of a man charged with murdering Chiara Levin, 22, who was caught in the crossfire of a gunfight on a Dorchester street in 2007.


Kosiorek testified that the passenger side of the Escalade Levin was riding in was hit by at least four bullets as it drove through the intersection of Geneva Avenue and Westville Street.

Kosiorek said the Escalade was hit by someone firing a 9mm handgun in front of 415 Geneva Ave. Kosiorek also said he concluded that a .380 slug that hit the rear of a Pathfinder parked in front of 415 Geneva was fired from near the Escalade as it traveled down Westville Street.

When Kosiorek was elevated to lab director last month, the BPD put out a statement trumpeting the promotion.

“Congratulations to Kevin Kosiorek who today was named the Director of the BPD’s Crime Lab Unit during a promotional ceremony at BPD HQ,” the statement said. “As always, we wish him the best of safety and success in his new role.”

Kosiorek has also been active in the community. In 2015, police recognized the outreach efforts of Kosiorek and then-deputy superintendent John Brown.


“On Tuesday, February 24, 2015, Deputy Superintendent John Brown and Senior Criminalist Kevin Kosiorek spent time with the kids from the BELL (Building Educated Leaders for Life) Program,” police said in a 2015 statement. “The BELL Program is designed to help high school students learn about careers they may want to one day pursue and enter upon graduating from college.”

The statement said Brown and Kosiorek “not only talked to the kids about their own careers in law enforcement but they also set some time aside to give the kids a tour of the BPD’s Crime Lab.”

John R. Ellement of the Globe Staff contributed to this report. Travis Andersen can be reached at travis.andersen@globe.com. Follow him on Twitter @TAGlobe.