When New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio entered the race for the Democratic nomination for president Thursday, he brought the total number of candidates up to 24, and counting. Not everyone is happy about how crowded the field has become, including Lawrence Mayor Daniel Rivera.

“Hey @TomPerez @ what point does the party say something? Looking more like a circus then a primary! No way this is a good thing!” Rivera tweeted following de Blasio’s announcement.

Rivera suggested Perez, the chair of the Democratic National Committee, consult with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to “get some direction.”

Later that same day, after a few tweets about public works projects happening in Lawrence, Rivera called out Representative Seth Moulton, who announced his own bid for the Democratic nomination for president in April.


“Adults in the party need to say there is no reason a Jr. US Rep from Salem, MA [Moulton] should be running, when the Sr. Sen. from MA [Senator Elizabeth Warren] has been for months!” Rivera tweeted.

Rivera has been a supporter of Warren’s presidential bid since the outset of her camapaign, when she held a kickoff event in Lawrence. Rivera endorsed her at the event, and told the Salem News he hopes to represent her as a delegate at the Democratic National Convention next year.

Rivera suggested party leaders should be working to cull the herd of candidates.

“It’s confusing for voters,” he told the paper. “It just appears like partisan disarray. Or that the people who run our party are selfish. There’s nobody really in charge of our party. Anybody who tells you this is good for the party is lying.”

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