Bird sightings across the region

Recent bird sightings as reported to the Massachusetts Audubon Society:

Few rarities have been reported since breeding season came into full swing. The major exception was Nantucket’s first record of a black-bellied whistling duck that showed up in Madaket. South of Muskeget Channel. Exceptionally warm waters brought in an early movement of shearwaters, including a Cory’s shearwater. A pomarine jaeger and a light-phase Northern fulmar were also present.

Plum Island: Rarities at Parker River National Wildlife Refuge included a Wilson’s phalarope, a yellow-crowned night-heron, and a chuck-will’s-widow. Other notable sightings included two least bitterns, a Wilson’s warbler, four seaside sparrows and two orchard orioles.


Westport: Birders spotted a royal tern and a king eider.

Plymouth: A hooded warbler was reported at Myles Standish State Forest. Red crossbills were reported at Plymouth Town Forest Conservation Area, Red Brook Wildlife Management Area, and Myles Standish State Forest. A magnolia warbler, mourning warbler, and a Canada warbler were seen at Manomet Center for Conservation Sciences.

Manchester-by-the-Sea: Observers at the Coolidge Reservation looking seaward at dusk reported 143 great egrets, 126 snowy egrets, nine little blue herons, a tricolored heron, 68 glossy ibises, and two northern rough-winged swallows.

Cape Ann: A harlequin duck and two black guillemots were reported off of Andrew’s Point.

For more information about bird sightings or to report bird sightings, call Mass. Audubon at 781-259-8805 or go to www.mass audubon.org.