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Read a text message thread from the night of the alleged assault by Kevin Spacey in Nantucket bar

The text message exchange originated from the Club Car bar in Nantucket. Jessica Rinaldi/Globe Staff/Globe Staff

A newly released court filing in the criminal sexual assault case against actor Kevin Spacey shows a string of messages exchanged between the accuser and his girlfriend during critical moments of his encounter with Spacey.

The filing submitted by defense attorneys includes screenshots of texts that the man provided to investigators, and it argues that he did not provide a full set of texts, pointing out that the exchange appears to start in mid-conversation.

Here’s the conversation shown in the screenshots:


Alleged victim:

like he’s hangin around me in the bar. He got my number and asked me to come out with him



Are you kidding


Sounds like he’s hitting on you....

Alleged victim:

I think he is

He’s grabbing my leg and [expletive]


are you trying to tell me something? Being gay is okay!!!

Alleged victim:

I’m not gay

But I think spacey is



Uhg literally so jealous

Plz take a selfie with him at some point

Alleged victim:

No I’m serious no


He’s totally gay


Wait what...

For real?

Alleged victim:

He’s grabbed my [expletive] like 8 times

He’s pissed I’m texting I

I told him I had a gf


[message with five face emojis that aren’t legible in court filings]

I thought you were serious

Taking advantage of my gullible-ness [illegible face emoji] uhg haha

Haha tell him the gf says back off [illegible face emoji]

Alleged victim:

No I’m serious

He’s gay

He pulled my zipper down

And he invited me to his house

I’ll talk to you later


What the [expletive] is happening

[message containing a trio of flushed-face emojis]

Have fun but not too much fun if you know what I mean [illegible face emoji]

Alleged victim:

Jesus Christ he reached down my pants



No this is Kevin ducking spacey

He’s gay

He’s buying me yet another drink

Help me

He’s gotten me so many

I’m drunk


[Girlfriend’s first name]

He grabbed my [expletive]

Kevin spacey is gay

Check snap

Seriously help

I’m gonna get the pic

I got the autographs and a hell of a stout


Help me

(Note: None of the messages are time-stamped, except for the third-to-last one, which is stamped, “7/8/16, 1:17:56 AM”)

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