Man arrested after allegedly leading police on N.H. chase, then barricading himself in truck

George Riley, 39, of Bedford was charged Monday after he allegedly led police on a chase and then barricaded himself inside his pickup truck.
George Riley, 39, of Bedford was charged Monday after he allegedly led police on a chase and then barricaded himself inside his pickup truck. Bedford Police Department

A 39-year-old man was arrested Monday in Bedford, N.H., after he allegedly led police on a harrowing chase on Interstate 293 and then barricaded himself for several hours in his pickup truck, police said.

George Riley of Bedford is facing multiple charges, including disobeying a police officer, reckless conduct, and being a habitual offender, police said.

Manchester police said the chase began when officers tried to pull over Riley’s truck around 4:45 p.m. Monday after observing “some suspicious activity and also multiple motor vehicle violations.” Bedford police said Riley was stopped for “drug-related activity” and that they had received reports that Riley was armed with a gun.


Riley did not pull over when police turned on their lights and sirens, Manchester police said.

When the truck stopped at a red light at Auburn and Elm streets, an officer got out of her car to approach the vehicle. But Riley allegedly drove off, Manchester police said. The truck stopped a couple of blocks later to drop off a passenger but then continued driving.

The passenger, Matthew Brault, 39, of Manchester, was questioned by police while other officers continued to pursue Riley, Manchester police said. Brault is facing charges for possession of a controlled drug.

Riley was “driving erratically, crossing the double yellow lines into oncoming traffic, going over curbs and onto embankments. Several officers tried to pull him over, but he merged on 293,” Manchester police said.

Manchester officers chased Riley into Nashua, N.H., where State Police took over the pursuit. However, troopers called off their chase when Riley allegedly drove into oncoming traffic, New Hampshire State Police Captain Greg Ferry said.

“It was then the vehicle crossed the solid line into oncoming traffic, so State Police terminated the pursuit for the safety of the public,” Ferry said.

State Police were still able to keep an eye on Riley until Bedford police put out spike strips, Ferry said.


But “Riley drove around the left of the strips, into the median,” and briefly again into oncoming traffic headed north on I-293, Ferry said.

At that point, State Police stopped following Riley, and Bedford police took over. Riley eventually drove his pickup truck into power lines in the area of Oak Drive and Glen Road in Bedford, where he barricaded himself inside his vehicle for about three hours, officials said.

Homes in the area were issued a shelter-in-place order for residents’ safety. Riley was taken into custody around 8:50 p.m. by Bedford police, with the assistance of the State Police and the Southern New Hampshire Special Operations Unit, a regional SWAT team, officials said.

State Police said Tuesday they did not know whether Riley had a gun.

Riley and Brault were arraigned in Hillsborough Superior Court North Tuesday afternoon.

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