An Amazon tractor-trailer smashed into a bridge in Dedham on Thursday, officials said.

The Amazon truck was on its way to a nearby warehouse when it collided with the top of a low-clearance railroad bridge on East Street at 6:07 p.m., Dedham Police Chief Michael D’entremont said.

“I’m not sure what the origination of the truck was, probably coming from the highway, and it got crossed up on the destination. I’m guessing it didn’t make its turn and was probably trying to correct itself when it headed toward the bridge and struck the bridge,” D’entremont said.

The front of the tractor-trailer smashed into the bridge, and the wind deflectors ripped off, D’entremont said. The railroad bridge is 12 feet 1 inch tall and has low clearance signs painted on it.


The bridge has been hit by tall trucks in the past. It was not damaged this time, D’entremont said. Dedham police do not know how tall the tractor-trailer is.

Dedham police, Dedham fire, and two towing companies responded to the scene.

“To make sure we don’t make things worse, we get the tow companies to get it out from underneath the bridge,” D’entremont said.

The commuter rail’s Franklin Line and Amtrak trains travel over the bridge, D’entremont said. The MBTA train was delayed as train inspectors from Amtrak and the T checked to make sure the structure was stable, D’entremont said. The railroad bridge was cleared for train service at 8 p.m., and the Franklin Line is not experiencing any delays Friday, said Justin Thompson, a MassDOT spokesman.

The Endicott Rotary near East Street was closed after the accident, but Dedham police tweeted at 7:15 p.m. that the roadway had reopened.

No one was injured, D’entremont said.

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