There is more hot weather on the way, and it likely won’t even peak until this weekend. So far this summer, Logan airport has recorded three days at 90 degrees or higher, while inland areas have double that amount. This is actually fairly typical to slightly below-average.

More heat has not been far away. If you are as close as Hartford, residents already have endured 13 days in the 90s. Over the next week, it looks like official observation stations across southern New England will add four to six more 90-degree days with an official heat wave likely, even at the airport.


Before the heat arrives, we will have one comfortable day today with low levels of humidity and readings in the 80s. This is an ideal summer day. Time to get out and enjoy.

Heat and humidity is created here in New England as high-pressure in the subtropics builds westward toward the coastline. When this happens, this system acts like a heat pump propelling very warm temperatures and lots of humidity our way.

We will begin to get a taste of this Tuesday and again on Wednesday. Each of those days will feature more humidity and temperatures approaching 90 Tuesday and just over it Wednesday.

The humidity will remain oppressive on Thursday, but as the remnants of Hurricane Barry move Northeast, more clouds and a few showers will keep actual temperatures in the low to mid-80s.

Showers and tropical downpours could bring more rainfall Wednesday night and Thursday. (COD Weather)

On Friday as this system passes East, sunshine will begin to return. As this is happening, that area of high pressure over the subtropics will take hold and temperatures will respond. We should see highs in the 90s Friday, Saturday, Sunday and perhaps into Monday. The humidity will remain high on Friday but it may drop to more tolerable levels during the weekend. I don’t want to get overly enthusiastic about a potential break in the humidity yet because it’s still five days away.


If you are not looking forward to all the heat, there is some light at the end of the tunnel. Once we get to the final week of the month, there are signs of temperatures returning to more normal levels for late July. When we look back at the summer of 2019, it’s not out of the question the next week will end up averaging the warmest one of the entire year. Time will tell.

Seasonable temperatures are predicted for the end of July.
Seasonable temperatures are predicted for the end of July.NOAA

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