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Bird sightings

Recent bird sightings as reported to the Massachusetts Audubon Society:

Mid-July is a fine time to look for southward-migrating shorebirds at outlying coastal beaches, mudflats, and saltmarsh areas, as well as muddy pond edges in more inland areas. Some of the more common species to be on the lookout for right now include semipalmated plover, lesser yellowlegs, whimbrel, ruddy turnstone, red knot, sanderling, least and semipalmated sandpiper, and short-billed dowitcher. Songbirds that should be migrating south soon include the Northern waterthrush and yellow warbler. There were many fancy rarities and uncommon species recorded last week. There was a brown pelican at Nantucket and a red-necked stint at the Forward Pool at Parker River Refuge on Plum Island. There was a single royal terns at Manomet and Chapin Beach in Dennis, two black skimmers at Monomoy National Wildlife Refuge in Chatham, and a razorbill at Andrews Point in Rockport. And among sightings were a chuck-will’s-widow calling along Little Sandy Pond Road in Plymouth and three blue grosbeaks at the Crane Wildlife Management Area in Falmouth.


► Parker River Refuge on Plum Island: Highlights last week include an American wigeon, a Virginia rail, 70 least sandpipers, 20 short-billed dowitchers, two least bitterns, and a great horned owl. There were also four willow flycatchers, two common ravens, a field sparrow, a seaside sparrow, and two orchard orioles.

► Miscellaneous: Last week’s reports included a Bufflehead at Nantucket, a ruddy duck at the Chestnut Hill Reservoir, and a common loon at Heards Pond in Wayland. There was a single horned grebes spotted at Marblehead and Duxbury Beach. Two great cormorants and a red-headed woodpecker were seen at Manomet. Two American bitterns and three soras were seen at Great Meadows Refuge in Concord, and there was a least bittern at Belle Isle in East Boston. Three clapper rails were spotted at Egypt Road in Fairhaven. Also, sighted were four sandhill cranes and three orchard orioles at Burrage Pond Wildlife Area in Hanson.

For more information about bird sightings or to report bird sightings, call Mass. Audubon at 781-259-8805 or go to www.mass audubon.org.