Three female pit bull mix puppies were found in a Boston cemetery Wednesday, Boston Animal Care and Control said.

The tan and white puppies, named by animal control as Ayanna, Alexandria, and Ellen, were found in Forest Hills Cemetery in Jamaica Plain, officials said.

The dogs are 5 months old, said Amanda Kennedy, director of Boston Animal Care and Control.

A member of the public saw the dogs and bought food for them at a nearby store. The good Samaritan called animal control, which was able to take the animals to its shelter in Roslindale, where they underwent full exams and received vaccines, Kennedy said.


The three sisters were shy, slightly underweight, and excessively dirty with some skin issues, Kennedy said. Ayanna was born with an eye condition called cherry eye, which can be harmful to the dog’s sight when left untreated but is easily fixed with surgery.

Ayanna, Alexandria, and Ellen will be held at the shelter for seven days while they undergo health and behavior assessments. If the owner does not come forward and provide proof of ownership and an explanation for why the dogs were at the cemetery, the puppies will most likely be put up for adoption, Kennedy said.

The department wrote on Facebook that it is looking for the public’s help in identifying the owner of the dogs. Officials are encouraging anyone with information to e-mail animalcontrol@boston.gov or call 617-635-1800.

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