Bear shot and killed after breaking into Jackson, N.H., home; frantic mom called police

A bear was shot and killed in Jackson, N.H., in the White Mountains Saturday after a breaking into a home while a 2-year-old child was asleep upstairs and a frantic mother called police for help, the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department said.

The “shaken up” mother called Jackson, N.H., police to Wildflower Lane around 3:30 p.m. Saturday after the bear broke into her rental home while her child was inside, said Fish and Game Conservation Officer Sergeant Alex Lopashanski.

“The bear came through a window on the first story. The glass window was open but the screen was shut. It pushed through the screen, went through an area adjoined to the kitchen where the garbage was, and ate food out of the garbage,” Lopashanski said.


The bear was a male who was about a year-and-a-half old and weighed less than 100 pounds, Lopashanski said.

A police officer removed the child from the home and got the bear to leave out the window through which it entered, the department said. He shot the bear with a non-lethal rubber bullet and it went back into the nearby woods.

“We got there 15 minutes later to see why the bear came into the house or was attracted into the house. The bear came back within 20 feet outside of the house and it was pacing by the bushes it came in through, so we shot it and put it down,” Lopashanski said.

It is uncommon for bears to feel comfortable entering homes, Lopashanski said. But officials are warning residents to take down bird feeders and keep food inside.

“Please lock your car doors and bring trash to the dump as often as you can to avoid attracting the bears. Storing your trash away from your living space is also advised,” Jackson, N.H., police said in a statement.


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