New England news in brief


Black moon here: rare, visually underwhelming

North America will experience a black moon Wednesday night, a phenomenon that only occurs once every couple of years, said Nick Ferreri, the planetarium fellow at the Museum of Science. A moon is referred to as a black moon when it is the second new moon of the month. Sometimes, the lunar cycle does not match up with the calendar months, causing this occurrence, Ferreri said. While it has an intriguing name, the unique moon will probably disappoint backyard skygazers. Like other new moons, it will not be very visible on Earth. “We refer to a moon as a black moon when you can’t see any of the moon’s face lit by the sun,” Ferreri said. The moon goes through phases, starting with a new moon, which is dark. The moon waxes until it becomes a full moon, when the moon’s surface is fully illuminated, then wanes until it becomes a new moon again.


Emergency fund to aid recovery from tornadoes

Governor Charlie Baker said Tuesday the new $1 million Cape Cod Small Business Emergency Loan Fund will provide help for operation and repair costs. The Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce will also receive $100,000 from the state for a marketing effort presenting ‘‘factual information about the safety of Cape Cod as a destination for tourism.’’ Rental property owners say increased shark sightings and beach closures are keeping some vacationers away, one year after the region saw two shark attacks, including Massachusetts’ first fatal attack in decades. The National Weather Service, meanwhile, confirmed Monday that three tornadoes struck Cape Cod on July 23. The agency had said two tornados touched down. (AP)



Judge won’t block church demolition

A Massachusetts judge has denied a preliminary injunction request from a group seeking to halt the razing of a 91-year-old Catholic church. The Our Lady of Mount Carmel Preservation Society argued in its suit against the Roman Catholic Diocese of Worcester that Massachusetts law requires a state review of alternatives to demolition to minimize environmental harm. In a decision issued Friday, a judge ruled that the society hadn’t met the prerequisites for a preliminary injunction, including establishing a substantial risk of irreparable harm. The diocese’s attorney contended an environmental review wasn’t needed and the crumbling building is a public safety threat. The Mount Carmel parish wasn’t able to raise the $3.5 million needed for repairs before it merged with Our Lady of Loreto in 2017. (AP)


Lancaster, N.H.

Tractor trailer damages historic covered bridge

A 108-year-old covered bridge that runs from New Hampshire to Vermont is need of repairs after a tractor trailer made a wrong turn and couldn’t clear it. The 266-foot-long Mount Orne covered bridge spans the Connecticut River along Route 135 between Lancaster, N.H., and Lunenburg, Vt. It suffered some cosmetic damage in last week’s crash. The Department of Transportation confirmed the bridge wasn’t in danger of collapsing. (AP)


Woman driving with gas nozzle charged with OUI

Alicia Esquilin, 24, of Hudson, N.H., was charged with drunken driving after she was pulled over Friday night with a gas nozzle still hooked up to her Range Rover, officials said Tuesday. She was arrested for operating under the influence of liquor, negligent operation of a motor vehicle, and an open container violation, police said in a statement. Esquilin was arraigned on Monday on those charges and released on personal recognizance, according to the Middlesex district attorney’s office. She is expected back in court on Oct. 16. She was unable to stay in her traffic lane, and a hose from a gas station nozzle trailed behind her car as she drove, authorities said