A raccoon was rescued from a storm grate Thursday morning.
A raccoon was rescued from a storm grate Thursday morning.Newton Fire Department

A raccoon stuck in a storm grate was rescued Thursday morning in Newton after “quite the operation,” the Newton Fire Department said.

Around 10 a.m., firefighters responded to a report from a bicyclist riding by that a raccoon had his head stuck in a sewer grate, Newton Fire Lieutenant Michael Bianchi said.

“We sent a fire truck, and we tried to remove his head from the sewer grate with soap and water,” Bianchi said.

However, the attempt was unsuccessful. Firefighters called in Waltham Animal Control for reinforcements. Animal control called a veterinarian, who administered a sedative to the animal, Bianchi said.


With the raccoon sedated, officials were able to free him from the storm grate, Bianchi said. The rescue took two hours. Waltham Animal Control took custody of the animal, as he was sedated and unable to be released, he said.

The department celebrated the rescue on Twitter, calling it “quite the operation.”

“We rescue creatures big and small,” the Newton Fire Department tweeted.

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