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Great white shark spotted a mile off shore in Kennebunkport, Maine, harbormaster says

Kennebunkport officials cautioned Goose Rocks beachgoers about the alleged shark sighting, but did not close the beach, pictured here.Cheryl Senter for the Boston Globe

Police in Kennebunkport, Maine, posted a warning after a harbormaster saw what he believed was a great white shark a mile off the shore of Goose Rocks Beach on Thursday morning.

The Kennebunkport harbormaster said he saw the shark around 11 a.m., Kennebunkport Police Chief Craig Sanford said.

“The town’s harbormaster was out doing some work. When he was out in his boat he came across an approximately 12-foot great white shark,” Sanford said.

Kennebunkport police posted a shark warning on Facebook and warned Goose Rocks beachgoers about the shark in the water, Sanford said. But they did not close the beach.


“We put some notices at the entrances to the beach to keep people informed but didn’t tell them to get out of the water,” Sanford said. “Let people make their own smart decisions.”

It is rare for a shark to be spotted in Maine, Sanford said. Kennebunkport police did not report any more shark sightings as of Friday afternoon.

“This was the first sighting of the year,” Sanford said. “Lobstermen and fishermen see them on a regular basis out quite a distance, but this was the first one this year this close in.”

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