Nathan Carman’s e-mailed response to inquiries from the Globe

Nathan Carman
Nathan CarmanElise Amendola/Associated Press/File 2018/Pool AP via AP

Nathan Carman sent this e-mail Thursday in response to inquiries from the Globe about his upcoming trial in Rhode Island over his $85,000 insurance claim for his sunken boat:

“I want people to know that the trial is happening because I am choosing for it to happen. Unlike a criminal case, or a civil tort seeking an award of massive damages, I could walk away from this with no cost, no risk, and frankly, a lot less damage to my reputation because reporters and tabloidists would not have an ongoing saga to keep writing about. The only cost to walking away would be I lose out on a small insurance claim, the value of which has already been greatly diminished by attorneys fees and expenses. The reason I am not walking away, no matter what, is because I am innocent and I want my day in court. My insurers have had nearly unrestrained leeway to conduct discovery into all their allegations. They have unlimited resources, and have dedicated years to turning over every rock, collecting every bit of evidence, no matter how small, that they think may help their case; the Court will hear their evidence, as well as my own, and issue a verdict. I am confident that verdict will be in my favor.


I am looking forward to having the opportunity to testify in a court of law, where an unbiased fact finder will hear my complete testimony and all other evidence presented, unedited by a producer or an author who is committed to supporting a predetermined narrative, and issue an authoritative decision based on a contemplative analysis of the evidence, rejecting unsupported hyperbole and innuendo.”

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