A “confident and mischievous” penguin chick demonstrated “cute goofiness” at its formal debut Wednesday morning at the New England Aquarium in Boston, officials said.

Sea-cat, a two-month-old rockhopper penguin, has been hand-raised by aquarium biologists since it was 20-days-old, according to an aquarium press release.

The baby chick’s parents had trouble raising her, so biologists stepped in to give Sea-cat a better chance of success, said Eric Fox, the penguin exhibit manager.

“Despite their experience raising chicks in the past, these parents were not able to keep up with the needs of the chick,” Fox said in the release.

The biologists worked long hours caring for Sea-cat. They even provided the chick with its own plush penguin, the release said.

Visitors to the aquarium will be able to monitor Sea-cat’s growth.


“This youngster is gradually being brought on exhibit for longer and longer periods of time,” the release said.

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